Public Health

World Food Programme Helps Pastoralists in Djibouti Recover

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is gradually shifting from emergency assistance to Food for Work projects this year for thousands of nomadic herders to lessen the impact of recurrent droughts while improving the nutritional status of the most vulnerable in this country near the tip of the Horn of Africa.

Revised International Health Regulations Imposed to Respond to International Public Health Threats

The world will start implementing the International Health Regulations (IHR) agreed to in 2005. This legally-binding agreement will significantly contribute to international public health security by providing a new framework for the coordination of the management of events that may constitute a public health emergency of international concerns, and will improve the capacity of all countries to detect, assess, notify and respond to public health threats.

'Food force' video game, available for free download in 10 languages, is celebrated in Sweden at Europe’s largest games industry event

As Europe's largest games industry event gets underway in Sweden, “Food Force,” the world's first humanitarian video game for children, is celebrating the launch of three new language versions, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has announced. 

Path breaking Methods for Improving Water Quality Earn American Professor the 2007 Stockholm Water Prize

Professor McCarty has defined the field of environmental biotechnology that is the basis for small-scale and large-scale pollution control and safe drinking water systems.

New open-source, user-friendly drug combination against malaria welcomed by Médecins Sans Frontières

MSF will start using the fixed dose combinations and replace the use of separate tablets in all of its projects where artesunate and amodiaquine is recommended and where efficacy for this combination remains high.

Anopheles Mosquitoes as Prey: A Predator from East Africa that Chooses Malaria Vectors

All vectors of human malaria, a disease responsible for more than one million deaths per year, are female mosquitoes from the genus Anopheles. Evarcha culicivora is an East African jumping spider (Salticidae) that feeds indirectly on vertebrate blood by selecting blood-carrying female mosquitoes as preferred prey.

Online Game for HIV Prevention Is Launched By UNICEF In Swahili:“Ungefanyaje”

UNICEF launched its first interactive feature in Swahili on October 30,2006. It is an online game that empowers young people to make good life choices about and prevent HIV. 

Optometrist Akio Kanai of Japan Receives Refugee Award for Work to Improve Eyesight of Thousands of Displaced People

A Japanese optometrist, Akio Kanai, M.D., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fuji Optical, who has won the world’s top award for assisting refugees has pledged to pour the prize money back into the work that led to the honour – working with the United Nations refugee agency to help displaced vision-impaired people in Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Health Ministers Adopt Plan to Ensure Universal Access to Comprehensive Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Africa

Ministers of health and delegates from 48 African countries who met in Maputo, Mozambique on September 22, 2006, unanimously agreed that the right to health is under serious threat in Africa, and that poor sexual and reproductive health is a leading killer.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) studies show good outcomes in antiretroviral treatment (ART) of children living with HIV/AIDS

Two new studies released by Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) at the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto last week demonstrate good outcomes in antiretroviral treatment (ART) of children living with HIV/AIDS across a wide array of resource-poor settings, but also show that pediatric drug formulations are excessively overpriced, costing up to six times more than adult equivalents.

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