Oceans, Coral Reefs

Three Pacific Marine Protected Areas, Marine National Monuments, Established

By designating these areas as national monuments, the Administration ensures that the marine environment will receive the highest level of environmental recognition and conservation. 

Mysterious Microbe Plays Important Role in Ocean Ecology: Leads scientists to rethink ocean's carbon and nitrogen cycles

An unusual microorganism discovered in the open ocean may force scientists to rethink their understanding of how carbon and nitrogen cycle through ocean ecosystems.

New Coral Reef Contest Closing Date Announced: Magic Porthole’s First Environment Achievement Contest

The new deadline for Horizon International Magic Porthole’s First Environment Achievement Contest to help coral reefs launched on July 1st is DECEMBER 31st 2008.

Wild Dolphin Project Contributes to Understanding of Atlantic Spotted and Bottlenose Dolphins

Through their research, the Wild Dolphin Project has learned a great deal of information about spotted and bottlenose dolphins, which has greatly contributed to the scientific understanding of these species.

Free World-Class Opportunities to Learn about Coral Reefs in Broward County, Florida, USA

The whole world is celebrating the International Year of the Reef 2008 (IYOR) (, and this summer you can learn about coral reefs in Broward County, Florida.

NOAA Helps National Coral Reef Institute Grow Coral in Laboratory for Transplantation to Damaged Reefs

Scientists at the National Coral Reef Institute (NCRI) are currently growing more than 400 corals from the larval stage as part of a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) -funded research, and will transplant them to restore damaged coral reefs.

Kiribati Creates World’s Largest Marine Protected Area

The small Pacific Island nation of Kiribati has become a global conservation leader by declaring the Phoenix Islands a protected area to ensure its biological diversity and sustainability.

Coralpedia Established to Identify Corals, Soft Corals and Sponges of the Caribbean

Professor Charles Sheppard of the University of Warwick, UK, responded to what he perceived as the need to have a good, comprehensive source of identification for the main reef occupiers and builders of Caribbean reefs, namely corals, soft corals and sponges by developing Coralpedia.

Coral Reef Playing Cards Capture Nationwide Audiences

Horizon International’s Magic Porthole coral reef playing cards with intriguing, fun photographic mirror-images are providing a new chance to explore life in coral reefs.

Coral Reef Playing Cards Launched In Advance of International Year of the Reef (IYOR)

Horizon International today announced the launch of its Magic Porthole coral reef playing cards with photographic mirror-images of coral reef creatures.

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