Amazon Waters Project Gets Green Light

Pollution hot spots and damaged habitats and "ecosystems" are to be identified.  Measures will be drawn up to reduce the threats and restore the damage. Other aims include moving to harmonized laws covering the management of the Amazon Basin.

YouthNet Provides Youth Participation Guide

The Youth Participation Guide seeks to increase the level of meaningful youth participation in reproductive health and HIV/AIDS programming at an institutional and programmatic level.

Global Finance Community Joins United Nations to Tackle Climate Change

Faced with growing evidence of the negative economic consequences of climate change this powerful alliance of institutional investors managing some $3.22 trillion (see below) are pressing for capital market regulators to demand more rigorous corporate disclosure of climate risks.

Extinct Woodpecker Rediscovered in Arkansas Refuge

The ivory-billed woodpecker, long thought to be extinct, has been spotted in the swamp forests of eastern Arkansas, according to a paper published today online by the journal "Science."

Globalization and Health: Open Access Peer-Reviewed Online Journal Invites Submissions
Globalization and Health: Exploring the opportunities and constraints for health arising from globalization

Over the last 50 years there has been a steady convergence in the probability of survival and the causes of death between the wealthiest countries of the world and most living in low-middle income countries. This represents a triumph for global health and development. It is a demonstration of what should be possible for the 1 billion people living mainly in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

PEARL World Youth News invites high school students from around the world to become certified PEARL reporters.

In the spirit of the high journalistic standards of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was murdered by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002, teenage students will select the issues to be reported, and collaboratively write, edit and publish their articles on the new web-based news service.

Internews Offers Grants for Media Projects in Middle East, and North Africa

Internews Network invites non-govermental organisations and individuals working in media development in the Middle East and North Africa to apply for grants from the Open Media Fund.

Half of Poland Declares Itself GMO Free Zone

Mazowieckie Province with a population of over five million has become the sixth Province in Poland whose local authorities have passed a resolution declaring them a GMO Free Zone.

Winners of UNEP’s “Focus on Your World” Photo Competition

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