Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa Calls for Secretariat and Volunteer Applicants


The African Union has declared the year 2008 the Year of African Youth, also called YAY 2008.

The African Union has declared the year 2008 the Year of African Youth, also called YAY 2008.  


This year is aimed at "reinforcing the African youth organizations capacity building and strengthening African Youth's motivation and ability to participate efficiently in the process to build sustainable peace and development in Africa."  Keeping with this theme the Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa  is officially launching the YALDA Secretariat in 2008 in Gaborone, Botswana (Southern Africa).


Secretariat Member Applications:



Members of the Secretariat: Left to right, Omar Khalifa (Egypt) Chevelle Dixon (USA) Edwin Okuta (Kenya)


YALDA seeks exceptionally qualified and enthusiastic young people to become part of its Secretariat in order to help YALDA realize its vision, through the specified goals, objectives and the mandate set by the YALDA Executive Committee.  The YALDA Secretariat consists of only 5 highly competitive full-time salaried positions, supported by volunteers who are recruited through the YALDA Secretariat Volunteer Program.



Volunteer Applications:



Volunteers at work


The YALDA Secretariat Volunteer Program not only gives young people the opportunity to contribute to helping young Africans develop their leadership skills for the development of Africa, but it is also an opportunity to live and experience Botswana, its people, culture and exceptional wildlife.  Volunteers will have the opportunity to work with one or more of the YALDA Secretariat Managers on different programs in both a uniquely multi-cultural and multi-ethnic working environment. 

 YALDA Mission: Yalda provides a forum for youth on the African continent and those abroad with a commitment to the welfare of Africa. By networking with professionals, mentors and each other, members will increase their capacity to take on positive leadership roles in their universities, countries and on the continent. Through YALDA, members will implement their short and long-term visions for Africa.



For more general information: (

For volunteering visit:

For Secretariat visit:


Only a limited number of spaces are available in both programs, so apply NOW and avoid disappointment!


This is an announcement from YALDA.

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