Oceans, Coral Reefs

Coral Reef Playing Cards Capture Nationwide Audiences

Horizon International’s Magic Porthole coral reef playing cards with intriguing, fun photographic mirror-images are providing a new chance to explore life in coral reefs.

Coral Reef Playing Cards Launched In Advance of International Year of the Reef (IYOR)

Horizon International today announced the launch of its Magic Porthole coral reef playing cards with photographic mirror-images of coral reef creatures.

Possible Moonlight Trigger Found for Annual Mass Spawning of Corals

An international team of Australian and Israeli researchers has discovered what could be the aphrodisiac for the biggest moonlight sex event on Earth.

Fishing Ban Protects Largest Coral Reef in The Philippines, Apo Reef

Reef fish and other marine species can breathe easier with the introduction of a fishing ban around Apo Reef, the largest coral reef in the Philippines and the second largest contiguous reef in the world after the Great Barrier Reef.

New Security for Coral Reefs: Red and Pink Corals Get United Nations Trade Protection

 Trade in red and pink corals prized as jewelry for 5,000 years will be restricted to try to help the species recover after drastic over-exploitation, a United Nations wildlife conference, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES),  agreed on June 15, 2007.

First Deep-Sea Observatory Being Established with Thirty-two Mile Cable Installed Off of Monterey Bay

Oceanographers have completed an important step in constructing the first deep-sea observatory off the continental United States.

Magic Porthole Coral Reef Preview Offers Videos, Games, Resources

Horizon International has created a way for young people to experience coral reefs through new and emerging media with the Magic Porthole™ experience.

Coral Reefs

Global Climate Change is threatening the delicate balance of temperatures needed for survival of coral reef life.

Accelerating Loss of Ocean Species Threatens Human Well-being

In a study published in the November 3 issue of the journal, Science, an international group of ecologists and economists show that the loss of biodiversity is profoundly reducing the ocean’s ability to produce seafood, resist diseases, filter pollutants, and rebound from stresses such as over fishing and climate change

Researchers Link Ice-Age Climate-Change Records to Ocean Salinity

Sudden decreases in temperature over Greenland and tropical rainfall patterns during the last Ice Age have been linked for the first time to rapid changes in the salinity of the north Atlantic Ocean, according to research published Oct. 5, 2006, in the journal Nature.

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