UN Calls for International Support for Haiti Earthquake Victims

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today, January 13, 2010, issued an urgent call to the international community to assist Haiti following yesterday’s catastrophic earthquake that has devastated the impoverished Caribbean nation’s capital.

United Nations (UN) Completes Greenhouse Gas Inventory: Challenge Now To Cut Back Emissions

After one of the most wide-ranging and painstaking exercises ever undertaken across the United Nations system, the organization on October 15, 2009 announced its greenhouse gas footprint as part of a first step to manage these emissions down.

Major Donors to UN Crisis Relief Fund Commit to Multi-year Funding

Several major donors have made multi-year commitments to provide significant funding to the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) which aims to save scores of thousands of lives by providing virtually immediate financing in sudden-onset crises, like earthquakes or hurricanes, or for ongoing but neglected emergencies.

UN-REDD Programme welcomes five new countries, Argentina, Cambodia, Ecuador, Nepal and Sri Lanka

Argentina, Cambodia, Ecuador, Nepal and Sri Lanka join the UN-REDD Programme, Denmark becomes a new donor and Panama gets approval of its UN-REDD national programme 

Forests, Mangroves, Peatlands and Climate-Friendly Agriculture Can Play a Bigger Role in Combating Climate Change, According to United Nation’s Report

Investing in Carbon Capture and Storage Nature’s Way:  Boosting investments in the conservation, rehabilitation and management of the Earth’s forests, peatlands, soils and other key ecosystems could deliver significant cuts in greenhouse gas emissions and avoid even more being released to the atmosphere, a new report by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) says.

Africa Weather Information Network Launched by the United Nations

An innovative UN, public-private partnership is launched the “Weather Info for All” initiative to improve Africa’s weather monitoring network in the face of the growing impact of climate change.

African Environment Ministers Reach Significant Climate Change Accord

The United Nations Environment Programme announced a landmark agreement reached by over 30 African ministers mainstream climate change adaptation measures into national and regional development plans, policies and strategies on May 29, 2009.

First Green Star Awards Given by UNEP, GCI and OCHA Honour Individuals, Organizations and Governments

The Green Star Awards honour individuals, organizations and Governments who demonstrate outstanding dedication to preventing, preparing for, and responding to the environmental impacts of man-made and natural disasters.

Maldives Joins United Nations (UN) Emissions Scheme in Drive to be First Carbon Neutral Country

The Maldives, one of the countries most affected by climate change, has joined a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) initiative which promotes the global transition to low-carbon economies and societies.

UN Action Plan Year of the Gorilla Boosts Goals of Tayna Gorilla Reserve in Congo

Five years ago, Kakule Vwirasihikya's and his colleagues’ established the 225,000-acre Tayna Gorilla Reserve which protects gorillas, elephants, and leopards while providing many locals with jobs and education. Its community college, Tayna Center for Conservation Biology (TCCB), proudly announced on January 8, 2009, that it now has 220 graduates in natural resource management and conservation. 

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