United Nations-Backed Global Fund Says Investment In Treatment And Prevention Pays Off

The number of people being treated for HIV/AIDS through resources provided by the United Nations-backed Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has risen to more than half a million, while programmes it has supported to distribute insecticide-treated bed nets in malaria-plagued countries are now reaching more than 11 million people, officials reported.

“Food Force” World's Leading Humanitarian Video Game Reaches Four Million: Available As Free Internet Download

Twelve months after its launch, the world’s first humanitarian video game about hunger is being celebrated as an unprecedented success story.

FAO and China Forge Strategic Alliance To Improve Food Security In Developing Countries: About 3,000 Chinese Experts And Technicians Will Share Their Skills

The Government of China expressed its intent to provide the services of at least 3 000 experts and technicians over a six-year period to help improve the productivity of small-scale farmers and fishers in developing countries, under an agreement signed on 18 May 2006, with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

New Investment Initiative Aims To Improve Fisheries Management and Reduce Poverty In Africa

The new funding scheme is the first of its kind. A new partnership aimed at restoring depleted fisheries and reducing poverty in Africa was launched today, May 16, 2006, by the African Union (AU), the World Bank, WWF – the Global Conservation Organization, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan Donates His $500,000 Award to Darfur Relief

In order to help alleviate the severe lack of donations to the United Nations-led relief effort in Sudan’s Darfur region, Secretary-General Kofi Annan will contribute to it the $500,000 he was awarded in February by the Zayed Prize for environmental leadership.

FAO GeoNetwork Provides Free and Open Source Software Based Spatial Data Management System

“The challenge is to enhance the data exchange and sharing between the organizations to avoid duplication, increase the cooperation and coordination of efforts in collecting data and make them available to benefit everybody, saving resources and at the same time preserving data and information ownership,” according to GeoNetwork opensource.

African World Heritage Fund Established for Sub-Saharan Africa Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation

A United Nations-backed fund to help the States of sub-Saharan Africa improve the preservation of their cultural and natural heritage was launched on May 5, 2006, in South Africa.

World Health Organization Reports Progress Made Towards Eliminating Blinding Eye Disease

With the estimated number of people affected by the infectious eye disease, blinding trachoma, dropping from 360 million people to 80 million over the past 21 years, several more countries are on track to eliminate the scourge, the United Nations health agency announced today.

New Rehydration Formula Can Help Save Hundreds Of Thousands Of Children According to New United Nations Report

The United Nations announced a new formula for manufacturing a medicine to combat acute diarrhoeal disease that could save the lives of hundreds of thousands of children each year.

United Nations Agency Joins African Development Bank To Spur Clean Water For Cities

The provision of safe water and sanitation in African cities will benefit from $500 million in funding from the African Development Bank (ADB) in coming years under a landmark Memorandum of Understanding signed with the United Nations agency entrusted with promoting socially and environmentally sustainable cities.

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